White Collar MMA


White Collar MMA is adapted from the concept of White Collar Boxing and offers the opportunity to experience Mixed Martial Arts competition to the masses. Targeted as a once in a lifetime experience for city professionals and people with other none athletic professions to compete in a fair and safe environment. 

Training begins 8 weeks prior to an event, where each soon to be fighter will be guided through a training programme by a professional coach. During training the basic techniques used in MMA are taught which include many techniques adapted from Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Participants also receive Fitness training as a part of the programme in preparation for their upcoming White Collar bout. 

Fast forward to 8 weeks and fight night, challengers must pass a medical from the team of paramedics covering the event to limit health risks. With 8 weeks training and a passed medical they will then be ready to step into the cage in front of friends and family where standing opposite will be a White Collar fighter of a similar weight and skill set. All bouts are 3 x 2 minute rounds but can come to an end via knockout, submission or referee stoppage (TKO) in any of the rounds. The referee ensures that both fighters stay safe during the bout and that all of the rules are followed. If a bout is contested over 3 x 2 minute rounds without a stoppage the referee will render a decision.


At MMA Challenge we support Make A Wish U.K with our White Collar MMA events. Challengers must raise money for the charity during the training period via a Just Giving page. In 2016 we have raised over £6500 for the charity. We also ask that fighters get friends and family to come and support by selling 20 tickets to the event which pays towards the cost of their free training and the costs of running a Mixed Martial Arts event. In 2017 MMA Challenge have confirmed events in Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Romford, Stafford, Tamworth, Telford and Wolverhampton amongst other cities nationwide.

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