I have signed up, what happens next?

Once you have filled in the sign up form online you will receive a confirmation email and text inviting you to join a facebook group for your chosen event.  Please make sure you join this group for further updates and information.  You will be invited to a registration meeting one week before training starts.

What can I expect from the training sessions?

The coaches will teach you a lot of various techniques and build your fitness to prepare you for your fight. Training will be hard and you will be put through your paces, if you put the effort into the training sessions it will show in your fight.

What is expected of me?

You are expected to commit to 8 weeks of training and attend as many sessions as possible to prepare you for the fight  Raise support for the event by selling tickets to family, friends and work colleagues.  Also pledge to raise £50 minimum for your chosen charity.

How do I raise money for charity?

Charity cage wars allows you to raise money for a charity you choose or one of our chosen charities.  You can set up a just giving page here www.justgiving.co.uk or print off a sponsor form from our website here.

Is there a minimum age to take part?

All competitors must be 18 to take part in Charity Cage Wars

What are the rules?

The rules can be found here

Are the fights matched fairly?

You will be matched up against an opponent of a similar weight and a similar ability to ensure fair fights. Your safety is paramount to us and we are committed to providing you with a fair, competitive White Collar MMA fight so you can fully enjoy the experience.