In 2017 our brand of White Collar MMA, ‘MMA Challenge’ has exploded!

Our first event of Round 1, MMA Challenge: Coventry vs Tamworth and was held on 19/03/17 at Rialto Reborn, Coventry. In 2016 we hosted MMA Challenge Tamworth consisting of Tamworth challengers training at The Fight Hub, Tamworth. With the 2017 addition of our new partner gym Dropzone MMA, Coventry we could now facilitate a team of challengers from Coventry. Our ‘Vs series’ of events is something that we feel sets us apart from other White Collar events, with 2 areas close enough to host a joint event, MMA Challenge: Coventry vs Tamworth was born.

Second up! Where it all began, our flagship event MMA Challenge: Telford vs Wolverhampton held at Park Inn, Telford on 01/04/17. This would be our 5th event between the 2 areas. Our Telford group receive their 8 weeks of free Mixed Martial Arts training at Combat Athlete, Telford and our Wolverhampton challengers train together at Wolverhampton MMA, Wolverhampton. Although the event was to be our 5th between the areas there were no signs that MMA Challenge is slowing down, exactly the opposite. The sold out audience were treated to 15 great MMA fights on the evening at one of our most anticipated events.

Then followed MMA Challenge: Birmingham vs Redditch. Our second event at The H Suite, Birmingham on 29/04/17. Along with our Birmingham and Redditch challengers, we also had a small team from Walsall join us for the event. With the event sharing the evening with the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko boxing fight at Wembley we were expecting a smaller audience than usual. To our suprise, the event was actually busier than our debut at The H Suite in 2016 which was a credit to all of the guys that were involved with the event. Training for each area was at our partnered gyms, Aerokick in Birmingham, Redditch MMA in Redditch and InPower in Walsall.

Finally, this past weekend on 13/05/17 the MMA Challenge ‘up north’ debut happened. MMA Challenge Machester North vs Manchester South at Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester. Did the challengers deliver for our last scheduled event of Round 1? 1 word, YES. 14 fights of fast paced action in front of another sold out MMA Challenge crowd. Credit to the coaches from our partnered gyms Mundo MMA and Poynton MMA who are both Manchester based. This event showed the kind of promise that could one day see it taking over as our biggest event. Telford and Wolverhampton need to watch out!!

Not only have our events grown in terms of partnered gyms, challengers and ticket sales this year but we are also proud to say that our charity fund raising has also grown! Our challengers this year have almost surpassed the total we raised in the whole of 2016 for Make A Wish UK. Our running total since we started supporting Make A Wish UK is now sitting at just over £15,000 with more than £7,000 of that total raised by our Round 1 challengers. We would like to thank every single person that had added to this total, challengers and family or friends who have donated. We also would like to take this opportunity to CHALLENGE anyone that has so far signed up for Round 2 to smash our target of £10,000 raised in Round 2.

MMA Challenge Round 1 introduced over 100 new challengers to the world of MMA. It is important to keep in mind that 95% of our challengers have no previous Martial Arts experience, many of them are making big life changes to get fit and learn Mixed Martial Arts in 8 weeks before competing at one of our White Collar MMA events. Our commitment to everyone who takes part is that each fight will matched to ensure a fair bout based on size an ability. If you are a beginner and would like to get involved with an MMA Challenge, round 2 is due to start in 2 weeks. Challenge yourself and sign up now at